Considering the cultural and customs diversity of Indonesia and also the international standards of protection required under the TRIPs Agreement, the new Indonesian Copyright Law No. 19/2002 was promulgated on July 29, 2002. Registration of copyright is not mandatory in establishing the copyright rights in Indonesia, however the said registration will be much help for the evidentiary purpose.





Copyright shall mean an exclusive right for an Author or the recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his Work or to grant permission for said purposes, without decreasing the limits according to the prevailing laws and regulations.



Author shall mean a person or several persons jointly upon whose inspiration a Work is produced, based on the intellectual ability, imagination, dexterity, skill or expertise manifested in a distinctive form and is of a personal nature.



Work shall mean any result of works of an Author, which shows originality in the field of science, arts and literature.


Copyright Holder:

Copyright Holder shall mean the Author as the Owner of the Copyright, or any person who receives the right from the Author, or any other person who subsequently receives the right from the aforesaid person.


Works protected under Copyright are :


    book, pamphlets, and all other written works

    dramas, musical dramas, dances, choreographic works, puppet shows, pantomimes,

    all forms of art such as paintings, drawings, engravings, calligraphy, carvings, sculptures, collage and 
    applied arts

    batik arts

    songs or music with or without lyrics


    sermons, lecturers, addresses and other works of utterance

    visual aids for educational and scientific purposes


    translations, interpretations, adaptations, anthologies,

    computer programs

    cinematographic works

    photographic works

    data bases

    works resulting from adaptations




Our services in copyright matters, include as follows :


  Filing copyright applications and obtaining registrations.

  Enforcing copyrights against infringement.

  Defending clients against infringement charges by others, as well as representing clients in disputes  
  resolution through either legal proceedings or negotiations.





    Name and address of applicant ;

    Assignment of right from inventor(s) to applicant(s)

    Nationality of applicant ;

    Description of product which wants to be registered

    Power of Attorney and Declaration simply signed by the applicant and no legalization required.

    Date and country of origin of first application as well as certified copy of the priority application if
    convention priority is claimed.

    15 prints of the device, 5 books and pamphlets related to art, lecture, speech, music, play,
    pantomime, broadcasting works, etc.